• Standard width varies Between 1.00 to 1.5 mtr and length up to 5.00/7 mtrs. ( more length on request)
  • We are also manufacturer 1.5 mm (1/6’’) To 2mm Thick white filter press cloth for filration of Air/oil from imported Marino Lamp wool  40% and 60% Viscose fibre
  • We are also manufacturer Bob wheels from 100% Extra fine merino wool. Minimum quantity of order should be 25 Nos. Bob wheels (Polishing Wheel) used for polishing and buffing of metal, glass, mirror, plastic, marble and granite etc.
(1) Thickness: as Per Customer’s Requirement (1.5 Mm to 50mm)
(2) Dimension: Width: 48’’ / Length: 1 To 7 mtrs as Per Customer Requirements
(3) Normal Density: From the Range 0.18 to 0.45/0.50 gm/cm3
(4) Wool Content: Min 99%
(5) Texture: White/ Grey
(6) Oil Retention: 150% (Min)
(7) Shrinkage in Water: 10% (Max)
(8) Swelling in Water: 30% (Max)
(9) Surface Finish: Smooth Pressed Finish
(10) While Manufacturing These Felts, “NO” Chemical Is Used Which May Harm Steel By Rusting And Corrosion…
(11) Tensile Strength: 900 to 3400 kn/mm2 (Min)
(12) General Requirements:
  • The felt is free from all Non - Fibrous matter for example.
    Stiffening, loading or reinforcing agents of any kind.
  • The edges of the felt will be uniform.
  • The felt is uniform in Thickness and Density.
(13) Marking: The Felts Shall Be Marked With the Following Information
  • Name of the Material, Namely, the Type of Wool Felt and Density
  • Thickness
  • Length and Width